Collaborate, create together. Combining the best you have with the best of someone else.

In 1en1is1 two artists, each with a different background, create one new work. The work can be anything from an abstract painting to writing and singing a song together. 1and1is1 are encounters, young and older, it is connecting cultures, letting go of what you did before, gaining different insights, getting to know each other, the stately Arti building in Amsterdam meets the somewhat rougher CBK Zuidoost. It requires an open, new attitude from the artists and the visitors, who are the remote participants.

The selection of the participating artists was made by A&J (Anne Verhoijsen and Jos Houweling (initiator of 1en1is1)), the CBK Zuidoost and the Sandberg Institute. The participants become duos through a draw. Older people are paired with young people. Well-considered and brutal, new friends, different paths.

In addition to 1en1is1 as an exhibition, there is this website, where the creative process and the results can be seen, through a documentary, a report and reflections on collaboration.

With thanks to Documenta, Kassel, 2022, Van Abbe Museum, Positions #7, 2023.

Art as a quest to surpass yourself and collaboration fits in with the spirit of the times, we hope and hope that 1en1is1 will be continued in several places and countries: 1en1is1.

The exhibition 1en1is1 opens on May 17 in Arti et Amicitiae in Amsterdam, until June 16, 2024. A special Amsterdam Art Week program on Saturday afternoon, June 1!

Collaboration in the visual arts has been in the spotlight since the Documenta in Kassel. Collaboration is also one of the roads to the future, to a livable future, this aside.

On Friday, January 19, the draw for the exhibition 1en1is1 was held at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy. The artists were introduced to their 1en1is1 partner and their place in the exhibition. Everyone also made lunch for their partner.


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Working together can lead to friendships and eternal contempt.